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Your Website Is Your Shop Window

In the days before websites were a must have, businesses relied on their shop windows to attract people in. They spent a lot of time and money redecorating them with the latest fashion trends or to promote up and coming annual events such as Christmas or Valentines day.

With more and more people now searching for your business online, its important to keep your site up to date. Your visitors will be looking at your site not only for the products you sell at your physical store, but also for information such as where you are, directions, opening times and trying to get a general feel of the place to decide if its worth a visit.

Just having the same old website that was thrown together years ago when you first started trading though isn't enough! Ask yourself, is it still attractive, does it represent your current business, are your colours, fonts and logo's the same as your physical store?

A well designed website will also have:

1. A Call to Action Button (CTA) such as Call Us Now, Message Us, View Our Online Store or Get Directions.

2. Up to date photos of the physical store, the current products and their prices.

3. Links to Social Media.

4. A map of how to find you.

5. Recent reviews from satisfied customers.  

6. Is it optimised for mobile devices?  

That's why if you haven't updated your sight in the last 12 months, its probably time you did. Especially if your site cannot be read on a mobile phone! Your customers will know instantly if your site is fairly old as they will be comparing it to your competitors all the time.

So don't lose your customers to your competition, give your site a fresh "lick of paint" every so often and make your online shop window stand out from the rest. The easiest way to do this is to have a great looking website which is easy to update when ever you want. If you need help redesigning your website or building a new one from scratch please feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Andrew Limbert


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