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Selling your products online

So your business has fantastic products you'd like to sell over the internet to new customers anywhere in the world. These might be physical products such as clothes or homemade jewellery, or digital products such as music downloads, photographs, videos or even your services. Today anything can be sold over the internet easily and securely.

We can add a choice of different online store solutions for your business on to your website. We'll also include training on adding new products, changing prices, updating the information and creating a discount code.


Today selling your products or services online is not only the norm for most businesses but a much needed regular income stream which helps those businesses to survive. For others selling online is their only outlet, as they don't have a physical high street store but instead choose to sell their products directly to their customers wherever they may be.

Selling your services on your website

If your business doesn't sell physical or downloadable products don't let that stop you diversifying into the world of online selling. Taking a typical high street business such as a hairdresser, for example, can't sell a new haircut online. However, they could sell their services in the form of taking online bookings. This would be a win-win for both the customer who can easily make a booking, choosing the best time that suits them and the business owner who is taking future bookings without having to even answer the phone. Both the customer and the business owner would receive an email confirming the booking and a reminder in advance to reduce any no-shows on the day. Receiving bookings in advance using your website can also help your cash-flow by receiving deposits or even full payment in advance at the time of booking.

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