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How To Write A Blog Post

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Writing a blog post and sharing it on your website for the world to see is a great way to connect with your potential customers and market your business. For some, writing comes easy but for others it is the hardest thing in the world.

Here is a quick resource on how to write an effective blog post:

Think Of Your Audience

When starting a new post it is important to think in advance about your reader. What do they want and how can you help them. Are they looking for helpful articles, news, stories about you, interviews or how-to lists such as recipes.

Choose A Topic And Effective Title

It’s important not to be too broad here. If you are a wedding planner for example, writing a post on choosing the perfect wedding dress is too broader topic. Instead break the subject up into a number of posts such as wedding dresses for the larger woman, designer wedding dresses, the older bride or the bride on a budget. This way you can target the exact reader who is looking for that particular topic.

Grab Your Audience

You will be competing against a lot of other posts all covering the same thing online, so it’s important to grab your reader’s attention straight away. Don’t begin with a long and drawn out reason for your post but instead get straight to the point, define the problem and how you can help. This will keep your reader interested from the start and make them want to come back for more in the future.

Writing a blog post

Write The Post

Start by defining the problem first so you don’t wander off topic half way through. Then list all the things you want to write about in no particular order so you don’t miss anything. Then write, it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point but it is important to cover all the points you wanted. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or your grammar at this stage just write.

Edit Your Post

Go back through your post and alter, remove or reword it until it makes sense and you are happy. Add some structure by using titles, headings, bullet points or quotes you might like to add.

Go back though the post and correct any spelling errors. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, Grammarly is a great extension that will pick out mis-spelt words for you.

Find free photos to use on your blog

Find Relevant Photos

Choosing the write photos to add to your post can be just as important as the title. Choose photos that are relevant to the post and always include the source of the post if they are not from a stock photo site such as Unsplash, Pixels, Pixabay, Pikwizard or StockSnap

Insert Alt Tags and Keywords for SEO.

It is important to add alt tags to all your images and use a few keywords in your photos and throughout your post to help it get found.

Take the time to create a graphic for your post, so you and your readers can pin it on Pinterest.

Add A Call To Action

Where it is appropriate, add a call to action button so your reader can share your post, find you on social media or be taken to another page of your site such as your online store.

Read and Hit Publish

Have a final read through your post. If you are happy with it and all the links work, post it to your website.

Share Your Post

It is important to spread the word that you have written a new post. Share it on your

social media including groups you might be part of and your websites newsletter.

How to write a blog post

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