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Why Your Business Needs A Website During Covid-19

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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The Coronavirus has affected every business across the globe and will continue to do so for some time yet. So it's more important than ever to use your website to increase your sales and keep your business profitable. If you have been thinking about a website for your business, now is definitely the time to get one.

Whatever line of business you are in, it was no secret that those businesses using the internet to their advantage were doing significantly better before the pandemic than those that weren't. Relying purely on footfall through the door, or customers recommending you to others simply is not enough these days.

Unfortunately though, it is not as simple as just throwing together a website and hoping customers will flock to you. It takes good design to make you look like a professional and successful business, but once you have it, you can compete with any competition.

Improve and Use Your Website

No matter what size of business, paying a professional to build or redesign your website is a must have. A good looking, well designed website will not only look professional and give a good first impression, it will also be easy to use for your customer, so they will come back again in the future. If your business is only small or recently new, you don’t have to come across that way to your customers. With good design you can look like a much bigger business that has been around for years.

Pandemic Improvements

Whilst some businesses are closed and people have more time on their hands, it doesn't mean they will use it to find you. That's why it is vital to improve your SEO and keep in touch with your customers online.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be improved by regularly updating your content. Search engines like Google love new content, and a site with fresh, new content that is regularly updated will be listed higher in the rankings. Having a blog on your site with weekly posts that inform, entertain or help your readers is a great way to add content to your site.

Brand Consistency

Keeping your brand consistent will also help your customers to recognise your business wherever they see it. So the same logo, colour palette and messaging across everything from your website and social media channels to your business cards and product packaging will help your customers recognise your brand.

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Sell Online

With more people unable to go out or meet and socialise with friends and family due to Coronavirus, they are turning to the internet to fill in their time. This means they are searching, reading and shopping more on their phones and computers.

Whilst some shops are closed due to the pandemic, many businesses have turned to online sales to boost their income. Creating an online store and selling your products over the internet can dramatically boost your sales, as you can sell your products to customers across the world who otherwise would not have been able to buy them. Even businesses without traditional or physical products are now selling vouchers ideal for Christmas or birthday gifts to be used in the future when they reopen.

Show You Are Still Open

Although your front doors may be closed and the shutter pulled down, you don’t have to stop staying in contact with your customers. Using social media and newsletters to let your customers know you haven’t closed for good will help kick start your business when you do re-open. Linking these posts and emails back to your website also gives you the opportunity to sell more online, take future bookings or show them what will be coming soon.

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In Conclusion

Even if the Coronavirus has slowed down your business, it has given you the opportunity to look at where your business is and where you can now take it in the future. Standing still and not doing anything until the virus has gone is not the answer to keeping your business afloat. Look for new opportunities to grow, new products to sell, or new ways of keeping connected to and growing your customer base for the future.

If your business needs a website or it needs updating, please contact us here.

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