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Whats Missing From Your Website?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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Your business website should be a key tool in your arsenal when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. So its important to make sure it can be found easily and has everything your customer is looking for when they find it.

The Basics

One of the most common reasons people are searching for you online is to find your contact information. So it's important to have your phone number, address and email where it's easy to find. The Footer is the most popular place, so it appears on every single page of the site.

Other basic information people will be searching your site for will include opening times, social media links and customer reviews so remember to make these easy to find.

Call To Action

A website homepage

A call to action button, usually takes centre stage on your home page and stands out to attracts your visitors attention. A CTA is used to attract your visitor to a certain page depending on your type of business and what you want from your customer. If you want them to leave you their email address, a CTA works best if you offer your reader something in return such as a free ebook or discount voucher for your online store.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For your site to be listed on page 1 so your customers can find you, it needs to have good SEO. This helps search engines such as Google and Bing to scan your websites pages and determine what is on the pages and if it is relevant to what the person is searching for.

Mobile View

More than half of the people visiting your website will be doing so using their smart phone. So it is imperative that your website is optimised for mobile devices. Search engines such as Google now prefer mobile optimised sites so it will help your sites listing if it can be read on any device.


Having a blog on your website will mean more work on your behalf. After all, your blog posts are not going to write themselves! However, a little bit of time spent by you writing a few hundred words on a regular basis, gives you the chance to share your thoughts and experience with your readers. This gives you the opportunity to prove you are a professional in your chosen field and can attract more customers. Once you have written a new blog post, you have another page that can be potentially listed by Google so people can find you. The more posts you write the more pages your site will have so the chances of getting found will increase. But make sure to write quality over quantity.

To get more readers, try adding a few keywords into your post without them sounding un-natural. This will attract people searching for that phrase and your new post can be shared across your social media pages to increase your readership.


Diary and pencil

Try giving your readers the ability to make a booking with you online. Depending on your type of business, you can easily control your availability and it's easy for your customers to see when you are free. Both you and your customer receives an email confirming the booking and if things change, customers can change their bookings up until a time set by you.

Online Store

If your business has products to sell then this is a no brainer in my opinion. Being able to show your products to the world and give them the ability to purchase them online will obviously increase your potential customers dramatically. If you research your competition, they are probably already doing it, so its time to catch up.


Frequently Asked Questions are often missed from websites but can save time and money for your business. If you can show the most common questions you get asked all the time along with a great answer it will save time and money replying to emails or answering the phone.


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