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Promote Your Social Media

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and keep them up to date with whats happening on a daily basis with your business. But its also easy to assume that people can find your account or your new account is suddenly going to get loads of followers overnight. Therefore using targeted promotions in other areas is the key to success.

1. Make it easy to see on your website.

Adding easy to click links on your website will help to attract more followers, placing them on the header or footer of your site, or as a pop up on your home page will make them much easier to find.

If your business has more than one location, with multiple social media pages for each area, make it simple for your follower to find the page that's closest to their location.

2. Add them to your business card

Listing your social media accounts on your business cards which you plan to give to new prospects or customers is a no brainer. They want your contact details so why not give them every possible way of getting in touch with you.

3. Email signature

Just like your business card, adding your businesses social media handles as a link on your email signature entices your contact with just one click to visit your page. If every member of staff in your business did this every time they sent an email this could dramatically increase your readers.

4. Vehicle signage

If your organisation has company vehicles, whether they’re vans or cars, make the most of the space to advertise your social media accounts. As your colleagues are travelling to visit clients, parked up, or just stuck in traffic jams, they will do a lot of the hard work for you in reaching a wider audience.

5. Store frontage

Show your social media handles subtly in various places from the moment your customers arrive, through to the moment they buy from you at the checkout. Showing them to your customer whilst they are at your business is the perfect time as they have your business on their mind and are more likely to want to follow you.

6. Speak to your customers

This might seem old fashioned or even out of date, but actually telling your customers face to face whilst they are at your business is a great habit to get in to.

Your social media is a great tool to keep in direct contact with your potential or existing customers, so why not use it for the following:

  • Upcoming sales

  • New product launches

  • Discount codes for online sales

  • Answer your customers questions

  • Advertise job vacancies

  • Show what you are doing for the local community or charities

  • Get customer reviews or feedback

7. Advertising

Reaching out beyond your current followers, by

running paid ads on Facebook or Twitter can be a cost-effective way to attract new followers, particularly if there is an incentive to follow included in the messaging. These kinds of ads also give you the opportunity to target specific locations, age groups or sexes in order to attract the right audience.

The ability to then track the clicks from your ad against new followers makes this particular tactic a great idea when it comes to measuring your return on investment.

8. Other places to list your social media

The trick of course is not to go overboard listing your social media in every possible place. Instead choose a few good places you think will attract your customers attention, when they are most likely to want to follow you.

  • At the bottom of your blog post

  • On your till receipt

  • In your delivery's if you sell online

  • Restaurant or takeaway menus

  • Coffee shop takeaway cups

  • A-boards / sandwich boards / blackboards

  • Local magazine or newspaper adverts


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