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Getting More Visitors To Your Site

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Increasing the amount of visitors to your website ultimately means more customers, more sales and more profit. So it stands to reason that getting more visitors should be your number one priority.

Many website owners however, don't do anything about it and just think that more visitors will arrive my magic and when they don't, they blame the website for it.

In truth, attracting more visitors to your website should be an ongoing daily task that should be on every business owners daily list of things to do.

So assuming you have a website that is optimised for SEO, looks great and its content is up to date, where do you start?

1. Your website address

Lets start at the beginning. You should add your website address to everything you send to anyone related to your business i.e business cards, emails, brochures, invites, quotes, receipts and invoices.

2. Social Media

Hoping your new readers are going to find you on Google is no longer enough these days. You have to be proactive, this means using as many forms of social media as you can without it taking over your life. Start with a business Facebook page and start adding new content once a day, Twitter is great for short inviting posts (used 2 or 3 times a day) that can attract your followers to reply and start a conversation. If you have a lot of products or photos of things your business has built, places you've been or things you have accomplished then use Instagram or Pinterest to show them off. Use LinkedIn to boost your professional profile, share blog posts, leave your comments and show people you a professional in your area of expertise.

To use social media effectively it needs to be used on a daily basis, try posting once a day on Facebook and Instagram, Tweeting two or three times a day and posting once a week on LinkedIn to start and see if your site views increase.

3. Starting a Blog

Blogging is a fantastic way of adding more keyword rich content to your site, helping to boost your websites ranking. It will also help you attract more people who want to learn about your business or industry. Each blog post you write also gives you something to share across social media and one post can be linked to another, inviting your reader to read more posts.

4. Google Adwords Express

Paying for your advert to appear at the top of search engine results in your category can be very worthwhile if you are prepared to pay for it. Set your business a fixed amount to spend each month and try changing the adverts and keywords to see if your views increase or decrease over the month. See our post on using Google Adwords Express for more details.

5. Listings

Add your business information to as many business listings as you can. But remember to keep a note of where you have listed your business and any login details you might need incase you need to update the information in the future.

6. Links From Other Sites

Having your website listed on other reputable websites (and you doing the same for them) is a great way of boosting your sites SEO and obviously helps people to find your business. A great example of this would be a small hotel, a local tourism website and a taxi business all listing each other on their websites. Each business will gain from the listing whilst not being in competition with each other.

7. Use Long Tail Key Words

Long tail keywords account for the majority of searches on the web so use them to your advantage. Include longer keywords in your blog posts, social media posts and paid adverts as much as possible to help your visitors find you. Try using Googles suggestions to find longer keywords.

8. Use Google Analytics

Keeping track of whats working and what isn't, where your visitors are coming from and what they are reading on your site can all be done from Google Analytics. Pay close attention to the data and check it regularly and you will start to see what works. Do your visitors increase after you post a blog, does Instagram work better for you than Twitter and are your visitors from the same city or from another country?

Don't forget increasing your website visitors is a marathon not a sprint! Don't expect to get a sudden increase in visitors over night. Instead do a little bit of everything every day and over time you should see an increase in visitors, sales and profits by the end of the year.

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