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It's Time For A Website Re-Design.

Like everyone these days I'll often search for a business on the internet to look at their products or services. Some of the websites I come across are fantastic, easy to find, easy to read, fantastic photos and simple to use without getting lost in all the pages.

Occasionally though I still come across an old site. One that was obviously built years ago when the idea of a website was to get your business card on the web with a few photos and your contact details.

Today website design has moved on and there's nothing worse from a customers point of view than an old site that has been neglected and forgotten about. 

So How Do You Know When Its Time For A Re-Vamp?

1. Your Website Looks Out Of Date.

Your website is your shop window and should be treated as such. With your customers spending more and more time searching the net, they can spot an old site from a mile away.

These giveaways include:

  • Old Fashioned Layouts

  • Out Of Date Text and Fonts

  • Old Photos Used

  • Old Dates and Prices 

  • Its Slow To Open

2. Is it Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly website is an absolute must have these days. If your potential customer has to fiddle with the screen to move the pages around then they aren't going to stay long on your site. With the average person spending 3 hours a day using their phone they are going to want an easy to read, easy to use experience or you will most likely lose them to your competitor.

Google recently announced that they will list mobile friendly sites before non mobile friendly sites. This means its going to effect your sites SEO and listings if its not easy to read from a phone or mobile device.

Click here to see how friendly your current website is.

3. Is It Easy To Use?

An easy to use website which is simple to use is most likely to attract your readers to come back again and again. Having too many pages can make the reader feel lost. Instead keep the page layout simple and easy to navigate. Use easy to find Call To Action buttons along with contact information, business opening hours and your business address.

If you're selling online then make this process as seamless as possible. It helps to put all similar items together under one heading. So for example if you're selling women's clothing, try listing all the coats together with things they might need such as hats, scarfs and gloves.   

The loading time of your site should also be taken into consideration. No-one likes a slow loading site and your readers will often give up and try a different site if its taking too long. 

Click here to check the speed of your site.

If you think its time to re-vamp your site and would like some help. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help.

Andrew Limbert

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